My passion for photography started at a very early age. When I was 8 years old I talked my grandmother into buying me a Brownie camera at an estate auction we attended. I took many photos and eventually went to color slides shooting mainly landscapes over the years. Once I switched to digital and with the encouragement of an artist friend I started selling my work. One of the biggest influences in my love of photography was joining the Merrimack Valley Camera Club in North Andover, MA. I encourage anyone seriously interested in photography to join a camera club it will be one of the best things you can do.

I am currently doing Portraits of Pets and Children/Family Portraits. I shoot both candid and portrait shots that and try to capture the true personalities of the children and animals. I like to shoot them in their natural environment where they feel more comfortable your home, a park or location of your choice. These are the shots you will look back on later in life and cherish that certain look or quirky expressions that means so much. I will always take the extra time needed to capture those moments forever. Not like some of the big box stores that rush you in and out and everyone has the same fixed poses and the fake forced smiles. It means more to me to spend the extra time to show the child just being themselves in their own environment just playing, even if it means messing up their clothes and hair and just being real kids, that's what makes real portraits.

I have a passion for old barns and the New England area and have an extensive collection of landscapes and seascapes. I've received many ribbons and awards over the years for my work and I am available to present digital slideshows for libraries and other functions.

Currently I am a volunteer photographer for the Salem Animal Rescue League in Salem, NH taking photos of all the animals for their website and take care of the cats. Please support your local shelter.